Trump administration to appeal travel ban ruling

By Bonnie K. Goodman, BA, MLIS

President Donald Trump is not going to let his travel ban slip away a second time. The Trump administration plans to appeal a ruling that halted the ban. The ban was halted in federal courts in two states, Maryland and a more sweeping ruling in Hawaii. On Friday, March 19, 2017, the Department of Justice announced that they would be appealing the ruling in Maryland, which only halted some elements of the executive order.

The previous day on Thursday, March 18, the federal judge Maryland U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang in issued a nationwide preliminary injunction on the ban’s 90-day moratorium on issuing visas to five Muslim countries included in the president’s revised order. Judge Chuang based his decision that the order “discriminated on the basis of religion.”

The DOJ’s statement announcing the appeal claims, “The Department of Justice strongly disagrees with the Maryland federal district court’s ruling, and looks forward to defending the President’s Executive Order seeking to protect our Nation’s security.” The DOJ is filing their appeal in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The DOJ decided against making the appeal to Hawaii’s more sweeping injunction issued on Wednesday, March 17, against the entire travel ban including a moratorium on accepting refugees from all countries. To appeal U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson’s Hawaii nationwide temporary restraining order would require the DOJ to argue again the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where they lost their appeal against an injunction for President Trump’s first travel ban. The Ninth Circuit is considered the most liberal appeals court.

Source: ABC News Radio Online

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