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Bonnie K. Goodman, BA, MLIS is a journalist, librarian, editor & historian. She is the editor of a series of political, academic & education blogs, including the long running History Musings: http://historymusings.wordpress.com. Ms Goodman is an expert in U.S. presidential campaigns and elections, and has covered campaigns and elections since 2004. Ms. Goodman has a BA in History & Art History, and a Masters in Library and Information Studies both from McGill University, and has done graduate work at Concordia University as part of the MA in Judaic Studies degree program. Ms. Goodman has also contributed to a number of reference publications; including “The History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008,” “The Encyclopedia of the Cold War” and “The Home Front Encyclopedia.” Her specializations are American, Canadian & international politics.

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Convicted felon Michael Grimm resigns from House, Boehner applauds his decision December 30, 2014

Majority Whip Scalise spoke to white supremacist group with Klu Klux Klan ties December 29, 2014

Obama, Hillary Clinton again top Gallup’s most admired men, women of the year December 29, 2014

Obama receives improved job approval ratings in CNN Christmas poll miracle December 28, 2014

Jeb Bush leads GOP 2016 presidential field in new CNN poll that excludes Romney December 28, 2014

Obamas celebrate Christmas marking the end of the War in Afghanistan December 26, 2014

Netanyahu might be barred from running for prime minister in Israel’s elections December 24, 2014

Former President George H.W. Bush taken to hospital for shortness of breath December 24, 2014

Clinton loses ground in new poll as Warren challenges her 2016 coronation December 21, 2014

Obamas celebrating Christmas and New Year’s holidays with 16-day Hawaii vacation December 21, 2014

Boehner invites Obama to deliver 2015 State of the Union on January 20 December 20, 2014

Obama invokes Reagan in reflective, optimistic American resurgence declaration December 20, 2014

Obama takes questions only from female reporters at year-end press conference December 20, 2014

Senate confirms anti-gun Vivek Murthy as surgeon general year after nomination December 15, 2014

Bush visits 9/11 memorial museum after Senate CIA torture report release December 15, 2014

Senate passes $1.1 trillion spending bill after Ted Cruz forced Saturday session December 13, 2014

Shutdown averted: House passes spending bill after Democrats, Pelosi protest December 11, 2014

Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel curses calls journalists’ questions horsesh*t December 11, 2014

First Lady Michelle delivers Toys for Tots with Santa Obama as the big Elf December 10, 2014

Obama’s approval rating reaches new low, GOP, and Clinton feeling love in poll December 10, 2014

Reporter reveals Obama’s obscenities, profanity laced tirades against the press December 8, 2014

Netanyahu makes last-ditch effort to form new coalition to avert elections December 7, 2014

Heller says lame duck Congress will not vote on unemployment benefits extension December 7, 2014

Republican Bill Cassidy wins Louisiana Senate seat from Mary Landrieu in runoff December 6, 2014

GOP House passes bill to roll back immigration executive actions Obama vows veto December 4, 2014

Israeli Knesset votes sets election date after Netanyahu fires cabinet ministers December 3, 2014

Obama issues four-point plan to improve minority police relations after Ferguson December 1, 2014

Lauten attack on the Obama girls turns into Twitter partisan war on Jenna Bush November 30, 2014

Obama family celebrates Thanksgiving, begin Christmas season at the White House November 29, 2014

Angelina Jolie expresses interest in running for political office November 28, 2014

Romney top GOP choice for 2016 campaign, would win over Hillary Clinton November 26, 2014

Obama heckled during Chicago immigration speech by protesters over deportations November 25, 2014

Obama urges calm after grand jury does not indict Wilson in Brown’s death November 24, 2014

Obama forces Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to resign over war with ISIS November 24, 2014

Emperor Obama outlines executive amnesty for nearly 5 million illegal immigrants November 20, 2014

Obama announces immigration executive actions in speech, McConnell vows battle November 20, 2014

Netanyahu looks for condemnation, unity after Jerusalem synagogue terror attack November 19, 2014

Never mind government shutdown Obama is looking to be impeached or sued by GOP November 17, 2014

Obama to announce immigration reform executive actions next week, ignores GOP November 13, 2014

McConnell unanimously voted as Senate majority leader, Reid agrees to compromise November 13, 2014

Gillespie concedes to Warner in Virginia Senate race, Examiner called it wrong November 7, 2014

Boehner warns Obama he would be “burned” for immigration reform executive action November 7, 2014

Ever defiant Obama knocks down McConnell olive branch vows executive actions November 6, 2014

Republicans take control of the Senate win 52 seats in 2014 midterm elections November 4, 2014

2014 midterm election results: Democrats or GOP take control of the Senate? November 4, 2014

History proves Michelle, Barack Obama divorce talk is probably just that rumors November 3, 2014

Just a rumor Michelle Obama will not run for California Senate seat in 2018 November 1, 2014

Geography test fail liberal media lie attack Scott Brown in New Hampshire debate November 1, 2014

Obama celebrates Halloween with devilish cake, White House trick-or-treat party October 31, 2014

Chickensh*t-gate continues: Where is Obama’s condemnation, apology to Netanyahu? October 30, 2014

US-Israel crisis reactions: Obama official calls Netanyahu coward, chickensh*t October 29, 2014

Obama, Labor Department boosting unemployment extension by raising benefits October 28, 2014

2014 midterm elections guide: Republicans lead in polls, will control Senate October 27, 2014

Why are Ebola health care workers purposely trying to spread the disease in US? October 25, 2014

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton top 2016 presidential campaign polls October 23, 2014

Obama rules out West Africa Congressionally supported travel ban over Ebola October 19, 2014

Unpopular Obama sees lowest rating as Republicans set to win Senate in midterms October 15, 2014

Raising minimum wage not unemployment extension top issue for Obama in midterms October 12, 2014

Netanyahu, Obama Administration fight over Jerusalem building, American values October 8, 2014

Long-term jobless rate remains high Obama, Boehner ignore unemployment extension October 6, 2014

Obama praises September jobs report pitches raising minimum wage in midterm push October 5, 2014

GOP make midterms referendum on Obama, as president refocuses on the economy October 5, 2014

Is Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan a terrorist, criminal or victim? October 3, 2014

Obama, Netanyahu discuss Iran, Palestinians in friendlier White House meeting October 1, 2014

Netanyahu in powerful UN address equates ISIS with Hamas, Iran greatest threat September 30, 2014

Obama on 60 Minutes acknowledges administration underestimated ISIS threat September 29, 2014

Boehner wants Congress to vote on ground troops in war against ISIS September 28, 2014

In UN speech Obama issues call to destroy ISIS the “cancer of violent extremism” September 24, 2014

Obama readies for UN General Assembly speech uniting coalition for ISIS fight September 23, 2014

Obama continues promise to help Americas youth realize their dreams September 22, 2014

Weekly jobless claims drops, Congress recesses, unemployment extension ignored September 18, 2014

House passes spending bill and authorization to train and arm Syrian rebels September 17, 2014

Biden campaigns for Democrats on the economy helping the middle class in address September 7, 2014

Obama will not take executive action on immigration until after midterms September 6, 2014

August jobs report shows unemployment benefits extension still necessary September 5, 2014

Damage control for Obama, Biden’s tough response on ISIS as Congress plans war September 4, 2014

Obama’s Labor Day campaign to raise the minimum wage in Democrats midterm push September 3, 2014

Romney opens door, will it be Mitt vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 campaign? August 29, 2014

McConnell continues opposition to unemployment extension at Koch brothers event August 27, 2014

Obama shifts from easing unemployment with benefits extension to job creation August 24, 2014

Holder’s visit to Ferguson calms community after Michael Brown shooting, unrest August 22, 2014

Obama condemns Foley beheading, WH warned, Bush warned of rise of terrorist Iraq August 20, 2014

Levin and House Democrats still support the unemployment benefits extension August 18, 2014

New research supports GOP unemployment extension opposition August 17, 2014

Obama considering possible executive action for the unemployment extension August 15, 2014

Clinton attacks Obama on Syria in Atlantic then will hug it out in the Vineyard August 12, 2014

Obama facing criticism left and right for 12-day vacation as world crises rage August 10, 2014

Obama updates country on Iraq airstrikes leaves military timetable open August 9, 2014

Obama, Congress’ failing grades record approval rating lows in NBC News-WSJ poll August 8, 2014

Obama emphasizes helping middle class ignores unemployment benefits extension August 6, 2014

Highway Trust Fund bill passes the Senate ends unemployment extension funding August 4, 2014

House GOP passes immigration border crisis bills before recess as Senate fails August 3, 2014

Dropping unemployment might prevent unemployment extension Congressional passage July 30, 2014

GOP highway fund bill takes away funding from unemployment benefits extension July 21, 2014

Reid open to adding unemployment extension to Obama’s emergency spending bill July 16, 2014

Reed wants unemployment extension added to Obama border crisis spending bill July 11, 2014

Heller blames Obama for unemployment benefits extension failure July 9, 2014

House introduces first bipartisan unemployment extension bill pressures Boehner
June 28, 2014

Obama needs to insist that GOP House pass the unemployment benefits extension June 27, 2014

Democrat Harkin prevented unemployment extension passing with jobs training bill June 26, 2014

Heller and Reed unveil new unemployment extension bill excludes retro payments June 25, 2014

Reed and Heller to introduce new unemployment extension bill to Senate this week June 22, 2014

Obama the lame duck has lost Americans’ confidence to lead in WSJ/NBC News poll June 19, 2014

Cantor’s last words on primary loss as House leadership campaign in full steam June 18, 2014

Obama is now just as loved or not as Bush as favorable ratings hit new lows June 16, 2014

Levin launches Witness Wednesdays to pressure GOP to pass unemployment extension June 13, 2014

Heller wants Obama to be involved in unemployment benefits extension negotiation June 12, 2014

Levin wants unemployment extension be added to tax extenders or highway bills June 11, 2014

Obama to sign executive order lifting student loan debt load support Senate bill June 9, 2014

New poll finds Obama less competent than both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush June 9, 2014

Reid promises to put new unemployment benefits extension deal to a Senate vote June 6, 2014

Obama hits new approval ratings poll lows on foreign policy, economy, Benghazi June 5, 2014

House recesses as unemployment extension bill deadline passes, can still pass June 2, 2014

Obama still hopeful House will pass unemployment extension bill after deadline May 30, 2014

Portman chose not to negotiate, encourage Boehner to pass unemployment extension May 29, 2014

Obama overcompensates Memorial Day honors as Veterans Affairs scandal heats up May 27, 2014

One week left for House to act on unemployment extension, urge your rep to vote May 25, 2014

White House speaks out on unemployment extension urges House to pass bill May 22, 2014

Reed, Heller still optimistic about unemployment extension, not rest of Senate May 22, 2014

Reed to add a year unemployment extension amendment to Senate tax extenders bill
May 19, 2014

Obama to nominate rising star San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro as HUD Secretary May 18, 2014

Obama’s weekly address urges Congress to act on jobs, transportation bill May 18, 2014

Tax cuts extenders planned to join unemployment extension filibustered 53-40 May 16, 2014

Obama presidential push could force House to pass unemployment extension bill May 15, 2014

Reid says combined tax cuts extenders unemployment extension bill still on table May 15, 2014

Conflicted Boehner returns to blaming Obama for immigration reform failure May 14, 2014

Perez sends Boehner a letter urges House to pass unemployment benefits extension May 10, 2014

Heller looks to merge tax cuts extenders, unemployment benefits extension bills May 9, 2014

Pelosi, Democrats pressure GOP in Capitol unemployment extension news conference May 8, 2014

Obama promises House tax cuts veto if unemployment benefits extension not passed May 7, 2014

Monica Lewinsky returns with Vanity Fair tell all as Hillary Clinton tops polls May 7, 2014

Obama’s year of action weekly address attacks GOP for unemployment extension May 5, 2014

Obama mocks GOP for not passing unemployment extension in WH press dinner speech May 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush top polls, receive 2016 presidential run endorsements May 4, 2014

Heller and Reed discuss next steps for the unemployment benefits extension bill May 2, 2014

Heller negotiating with Sessions on House unemployment benefits extension bill May 2, 2014

Obama vows to fight on to raise the minimum wage for all Americans May 2, 2014

GOP blocks Senate minimum wage raise bill 54 to 42 in midterm elections battle May 2, 2014

Obama weighs-in on House opposition to unemployment benefits extension bill May 1, 2014

Levin, Democrats push Boehner for unemployment benefits extension House vote April 30, 2014

Boehner refuses to negotiate with Senate on unemployment benefits extension bill April 30, 2014

Reid sees Koch brothers as real obstacle to unemployment benefits extension bill April 28, 2014

Boehner delivers GOP weekly address focuses on the economy and job creation April 27, 2014

Obama urges Congress to raise minimum wage pass unemployment benefits extension April 27, 2014

Boehner mocks House GOP for not tackling immigration reform bill faces backlash April 26, 2014

GOP Senators oppose deportations review and Obama immigration reform action April 25, 2014

White House refuses Boehner, GOP unemployment benefits extension bill compromise April 23, 2014

Obama announces at press conference that Obamacare reached 8 million enrollees April 22, 2014

Reid believes Boehner, House GOP will pass unemployment benefits extension bill April 20, 2014

Cantor criticizes Obama on GOP attacks after immigration reform bill call April 20, 2014

Democrats pressuring House GOP into passing unemployment benefits extension bill April 20, 2014

Obama and Biden announce 500 million in economic opportunity job training grants April 19, 2014

House GOP Reps introduce alternative unemployment benefits extension bill April 19, 2014

Obama refuses executive action on immigration reform urges House to pass bill April 17, 2014

Obama and GOP support rivaling equal pay, economic agendas in weekly addresses April 14, 2014

Boehner leaves door open to House passing unemployment benefits extension bill April 11, 2014

House GOP wants to add job training to pass unemployment benefits extension bill April 11, 2014

Obama honors Lyndon B. Johnson and Civil Rights Act at 50th anniversary summit April 11, 2014

Senate Republicans block equal pay bill from advancing with a vote of 53-44 April 10, 2014

House Republicans want provisions to pass unemployment benefits extension bill April 10, 2014

Obama signs executive orders aimed at granting women equal pay for equal work April 8, 2014

Obama announces economic opportunity agenda Youth CareerConnect Education grantsApril 8, 2014

Senate passes unemployment benefits extension bill 59-38, now moves to House April 7, 2014

George W. Bush exhibits his portraits of world leaders at presidential library April 7, 2014

Campaigner Obama duels with GOP over Paul Ryan’s 2015 budget in weekly address April 6, 2014

Obama and Biden’s hourly and tipped minimum wage midterm sales pitch to Congress April 5, 2014

House Republicans pushing Boehner to pass unemployment benefits extension bill April 4, 2014

Senate passes 61-35 last unemployment benefits extension vote, Monday final vote April 3, 2014

Senate passes unemployment benefits extension with 61-38 procedural test vote April 3, 2014

Obama vindicated 7.1 million sign-up for Obamacare reaching White House goal April 2, 2014

Paul Ryan’s GOP midterm election FY 2015 budget aims at 2024 balanced budget April 2, 2014

Obama meets with Pope Francis, exchange gifts and bond over economic inequality March 30, 2014

Senate unemployment benefits extension bill passes 65-34 ending filibuster March 28, 2014

Will it be Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential campaign?
March 27, 2014

Speaker Boehner opposes Senate long-term jobless unemployment benefits extension March 25, 2014

Obama pushes equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage in weekly address March 23, 2014

Gallup says Hillary Clinton set for history making first woman president in 2016 March 22, 2014

Obama promotes economic opportunity for women urges equal pay for equal work March 22, 2014

Obama screens Cesar Chavez at White House pushes economic opportunity program
March 20, 2014

Questioning Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy credibility heading towards 2016 March 19, 2014

New CNN poll says Hillary Clinton is a stronger and tougher leader than Obama
March 16, 2014

Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton top CNN 2016 presidential candidates poll
March 16, 2014

Scott Brown decides on New Hampshire Senate run announces exploratory committee March 16, 2014

Obama dedicates weekly address to extending overtime pay eligibility March 15, 2014

Michelle Obama honors military families at Joining Forces Muppets movie showing March 14, 2014

Obama signs presidential memorandum to expand overtime pay eligibility March 14, 2014

Senate finally reaches bipartisan deal to extend unemployment benefits until May March 13, 2014

Obama uses Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns to sell millenials health care March 13, 2014

Obama hits new low in NBC News/WSJ poll spells trouble for Democrats in midterms March 12, 2014

Obamas promote education, college opportunity and financial aid initiatives March 10, 2014

Obama, Congress takes action with Russia sanctions and Ukraine aid March 7, 2014

Selling minimum wage raise, Obama pushes Congress with governors in Connecticut March 6, 2014

Obama unveils $4 trillion FY 2015 budget aimed at Democratic support, GOP anger March 5, 2014

Netanyahu, Obama’s stand-off White House meeting after harsh Bloomberg interview March 4, 2014

Second guessing upcoming Netanyahu, Obama meeting, peace framework on the agenda March 1, 2014

Emotional Obama launches My Brother’s Keeper program to help minority youth February 28, 2014

Obama and Boehner have rare and constructive White House meeting February 26, 2014

Obama, Governors have turbulent dinner and meeting over 2016, economy, pipeline February 25, 2014

Bush highlights Military Service Initiative helping veterans reintegrate February 24, 2014

Obama continues push to raise minimum wage in weekly address, governors meeting February 22, 2014

Michelle Obama celebrates Let’s Move’s fourth anniversary on Jimmy Fallon February 21, 2014

Obama owes Harper a pack of beer for Canada’s women’s hockey gold February 20, 2014

Obama rehabs art history loving image, sends apology letter, hosts Monuments Men February 19, 2014

Obama reaches approval rating lows in Presidents’ Day polls February 18, 2014

Romney talks Bill and Hillary Clinton, 2016, Olympics on NBC’s Meet the Press February 17, 2014

Obama revisits urging Congress to raise the minimum wage in his weekly address February 15, 2014

Obama and Congress have a Washington snow day February 14, 2014

Obama signs executive order raises federal minimum wage urges Congress to follow February 13, 2014

Showdown averted House passes clean debt ceiling raise bill February 11, 2014

Obama focuses on economic opportunity through executive orders in weekly address February 10, 2014

Obama signs and lauds bipartisan farm bill that cuts food stamps program funding February 9, 2014

Boehner says immigration reform unlikely in 2014 cites trust issues with Obama February 7, 2014

Senate fails to advance long-term jobless unemployment benefits extension 58-40 February 6, 2014

Obama announces leaving major XL Keystone Pipeline decision making to Kerry February 5, 2014

Obama vs O’Reilly part 2 sparing continued on Fox News fairness, big government February 5, 2014

Obama vs Bill O’Reilly tie in tough pre-Super Bowl interview match-up February 3, 2014

Michelle Obama talks Scandal, Valentine’s Day, health care with Ryan Seacrest February 3, 2014

Netanyahu and cabinet ministers denounce Kerry’s Israel boycott threats February 3, 2014

Obama recaps State of the Union in three-minute weekly address February 2, 2014

Obama urges CEOs to hire long-term unemployed after benefits extension fails February 2, 2014

Obama follows through with economic opportunity tour after State of the Union February 1, 2014

Scarlett Johansson becomes Israel’s most famous advocate combating BDS with Soda January 30, 2014

State Dept responds to White House petition to deport Justin Bieber, Obama next? January 29, 2014

Obama’s foreign policy goes from war to diplomacy in State of the Union Address January 29, 2014

State of the Union Address Obama vows executive orders for economic opportunity January 28, 2014

Netanyahu’s remark on not evacuating of any of the settlements causes uproar January 27, 2014

GOP weekly address criticizes Obama prior to State of the Union Address January 26, 2014

State of the Union guessing game: predicted Obama will give economy heavy speech January 25, 2014

Three GOP responses planned to Obama’s State of the Union Address January 24, 2014

Harper spends remainder of Israel trip playing tourist and being honored January 23, 2014

Harper and Netanyahu hold joint cabinet meeting and press conference January 22, 2014

Obama to finally have an audience with Pope Francis, Vatican trip set for March January 21, 2014

Canadian PM Harper pledges staunch support for Israel in historic Knesset speech January 21, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama turns 50 and fabulous with star-studded dance party January 20, 2014

Obama revisits North Carolina economy and jobs speech in weekly address January 19, 2014

Obama defends NSA programs in speech offering reforms January 18, 2014

House passes $1 trillion 2014 spending bill overwhelmingly 359-67 January 16, 2014

Obama to push economy, unemployment benefits extension in North Carolina speech January 14, 2014

World, Israeli leaders react to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s death January 13, 2014

Netanyahu opposes any peace deal framework dividing Jerusalem January 11, 2014

Polls show Israelis are skeptical of a peace deal and Kerry but trust Netanyahu January 11, 2014

Israeli leaders oppose Kerry’s framework proposals as he is set to return January 11, 2014

Kerry’s 10th trip to Israel ends without peace framework agreement January 11, 2014

50 years later Obama wages own War on Poverty with the Promise Zones Initiative January 9, 2014

Obama speech urges Congress to extend unemployment benefits, Senate votes 60-37 January 7, 2014

Obama pushes unemployment benefits extension in weekly address, Tuesday speech January 6, 2014

American Idol finalist Clay Aiken considering North Carolina Congressional run January 3, 2014

Obamas, Clinton send hospitalized former First Lady Barbara Bush recovery wishes January 1, 2014